What clients are saying...

Sherie Turek

Gateway Real Estate Ltd

"IRBM is a great way to stay connected with our fellow independent brokers. In a day and age where it is so easy to get stuck behind a screen, IRBM is a fantastic opportunity to see our colleagues face to face, share our knowledge and experiences as well as take in some informative professional development. Hope to see at our next IRBM meeting!"

Boris Mednikov

Vanguard Real Estate Ltd

“It is a great organization. A place to get to know other independent real estate brokers in Manitoba, a place to share and talk about our views, issues and ideas and a wonderful opportunity to learn from the guest speakers. 

An absolute must for all independent brokers in Manitoba!”

Darryl Chatyrbok

Key-Move Realty Ltd

“I have been a member of IRBM for a number of years now.  I have benefited greatly by being a member.  The educational component of the group, the networking, and camaraderie are invaluable aspects of being a member.  I look forward to attending every meeting”

Darya Pfund

Stratten Gates Real Estate

“Being a member of the IRBM has been beneficial to my business. The brokers in this group are all great people and willing to help you with broker related questions or just to bounce ideas off of each other."

Sam Matthews

Mathews Real Estate

“Being a member of IRBM has had so many benefits, the networking, sharing of Ideas and the educational speakers have been vital to my success in real estate."

Stephen Yuffe

Delta Real Estate

“The main reason I started the IRBM was for education. Franchises could attract many speakers but not many of the speakers would come to smaller brokerages. I made some phone calls to other independent brokers and at the very first meeting we had 10 brokers, from there it has grown. 

IRBM offers many benefits for my business including education, being able to call another broker or have them call me when they have a question, and the camaraderie (there are many brokers who I would not have met without being a member of IRBM)."

Lisa Anderson

Peace Realty

"The IRBM is comprised of numerous brokers, many of which have 35+ years of experience in our local real estate market - that is a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Attending the IRBM meetings allows me to stay connected with this knowledge base which is so important in this ever changing business.  As well, we have a series of guest speakers whom are an integral part of our industry and knowledge base.  I highly encourage all independent brokers of Manitoba to join the IRBM!"

David Powell

Powell Property Group

"The IRBM greatest assets are the brokers and their decades of experience in the provincial real estate market. Collectively the IRBM holds the largest market share in the province. They are dedicated to their brokerage because they own their brokerage, which is reflected in the professional real estate services offered to the public. 

Although competitors with other IRBM brokerage, first and foremost, we are colleagues in the industry and have a high level of respect and professionalism when transacting in real estate.

With decades of experience and the highest levels of professionalism, The IRBM is an important asset to organized real estate in the province."

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